Stats Say Hire a Pro Photographer for Real Estate Listing Photos

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My first post is a collection of telling statistics about the advantages real estate agents gain by hiring a pro photographer to take their listing photos. All the stats below are from business and real estate companies (links included) – not photographers’ sites!

The numbers to prove it…

Agents who outsource photography earn twice as much commission as those who do not. Only 35% of agents use professional photographers.

(Real estate agents who outsource listing photos earn twice as much as others,


Listings with DSLR, professional photos get 61% more views than their competitors’ listings.

(Look Sharp: Professional Listing Photos Sell For More Money, REDFIN)


A listed home with one photo took an average of 70 days on the market, while a home with 20 photos took an average of 32 days to sell.

(Why You Cannot Ignore Professional Photography in Real Estate Investing,


Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% of their time on the listing description and agent description.

(20 Seconds for Love at First Sight, The Wall Street Journal)


83% of buyers say photos are “very useful,” while virtual tours (42%) and videos (22%) are less important - and more expensive for agents!

(Properties Online Inc., Real Estate Tech Trends, 2016)


Market yourself - 70% of buyers find their agents online, and a great marketing portfolio of photos will help you find new clients.

(Properties Online Inc., Real Estate Tech Trends, 2014)